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Grawe Bulgaria

„GRAWE imoti" Ltd was established in 2008 and is part of "GRAWE Group ", Austria, concern with over 185 years of history. The sole owner of the company is "GRAWE Imo Holding". After the successful development of the Bulgarian insurance company "Grawe Bulgaria Life" ripe for investment of the Group in the field of real estate. So in 2008 it was decided to build a new and modern office building in the Bulgarian market. Within two years, this initiative received realization and in 2010 "GRAWE Business Center" opened. "GRAWE Group" holds a significant portfolio of real estate us in the last 15 years were built new and modern offices in more than ten countries, including: Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Macedonia and other.

Main advantages and features of “GRAWE Business Centre” are:

  • Easy-access corner location on the crossing point of two major boulevards.
  • Close to public transport- near you can find many bus and tram stops. In 2019 the third line of the subway will pass near the building.
  • Modern office building with contemporary design
  • Bulgaria’s first high quality WICONA glass structural façade
  • Better safety - high quality concrete works, masonry and finishes
  • Provided sufficient number of parking spaces
  • High-class SCHINDLER elevators
  • Flexibility of space – open space layout
  • The real experts knowledge used at the design stage will result in low maintenance costs of the building.

Contact information:
Venelin Dimitrov - procurator

Tel.: +359 884 565 183
Address: Sofia, 1 Tsar Boris III Blvd.

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