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Sopharma Business Towers

High-tech buildings, complying with all modern standards in terms of ecology, architecture and energy efficiency.

In 2011 the exclusive for Bulgaria Office and Retail Complex Sopharma Business Towers made its grand opening. Аwarded with DGNB Gold certificate for sustainable and green building, the complex consists of two class A office buildings, a retail center with a dining area, accommodating also a conference and event centre, and two levels of underground parking.


Floor areas, divided according to tenants needs

Unique design with care for the environment

Over 300 underground parking spaces

Metro station G.M. Dimitrov 200 metres away

15 minutes to Sofia Airport

DGNB Gold certificate for sustainable and green building

11 000 m2 RETAIL AREA

Shopping centere, located on two floors, including a mix of shops and services

1200 m2 Professionally equipped event centre

Medical Centre

Fitness centre


Latest generation double skin facade specially designed for Sopharma Business Towers by KosterLichtplanung, Germany and Reynaers, Belgium;

Openable windows for natural ventilation

Clear glass for maximum use of unfiltered daylight

Sophisticated sun protection system

Warm facade preserving the internal energy of the building

Sense of space, all-glass façade 

The maximum glass surface of the façade facilitates the reduction of artificial lighting usage

Децентрализирана четиритръбна вентилация и климатизация с подаване на свеж въздух през фасадата, което намалява риска от замърсяване на въздуха.

BMS централизирано управление на слънцезащитата за постигане на максимален ефект

Контрол върху управлението и отчитането на всички инсталации


High-tech class A office buildings use the energy of the sun, wind, natural soil temperature and groundwater.

The latest solutions in this respect are related to heat-generating facades, window blinds that accumulate heat and retain it within the building, as well as standard solar panels that cool or heat the building. These technologies and the building automation allow for up to a 50 % reduction of  energy usage in each building.

Decentralized four-pipe ventilation and air conditioning with fresh air supply through the facade, which reduces the risk of air pollution.

BMS centralized sun protection management for maximum effect.

Control over the management and reporting of all installations.


The green roof acts as a filter. Lowers the temperature in the summer and enhances the thermal insulation properties in the winter. This reduces the energy costs of the building, and hence the carbon dioxide emissions.

The dense roof surfaces absorb solar energy and emit it into the atmosphere.

The green roof retains rainwater in the plant and drainage layer, which subsequently evaporates. This reduces the amount of polluted rainwater. They increase biodiversity in urban environment, help bind dust particles in the air and act as a sound barrier.

The concept of the Office and Retail Complex is providing businesses with a space of maximum comfort and elegant design whilst simultaneously offering an energy efficient solution. 

Today, along with the years of experience in the effective management of high-tech "smart buildings", we are proud with our successful and rewarding long-standing partnerships.


1756, Sofia, Izgrev district

5 Lachezar Stanchev str

Phone: +359 2 42 50 120

Fax: +359 2 42 50 131


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