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KITE building is located on Cherni Vrah Blvd. in Sofia, between two of the most significant transport and communication arteries of the city - ring road and “T. Kableshkov ”, near a metro station and large commercial sites.

The appearance of the building is dynamic and memorable. The choice of this type of wayward architecture is determined by the environment - a rapidly developing intensive region, with a future as an administrative-commercial - communication center. Several components contribute to the dynamics - the main facade, the aggressive southern eaves and awnings, as well as the pylon above the roof with a length of 9 m, which as a mast is connected to the upper end of the facade and increases the height of the building to 36 m.

The representative lobby, welcoming visitors, unites three floors and has a pronounced volume through a synthesis of architecture and art, expressed through panels with natural and eco motifs in the north and south, occupying its entire height. The southern element is a surreal photographic composition of marine and theatrical subjects with references to the name of the building, and the northern one is made of natural vegetation, absorbing dust and purifying the air.


The building functions as an administrative and commercial building. It is developed on 8 levels above the ground and an underground floor with parking. Its total built-up area is 5,532.6 sq.m. The construction is monolithic. The structural height of the ground floor is 3.45 m, and of the floors - 3.35 m. The thickness of the floor reinforced concrete slabs is 20 cm, as all office floors have a double floor and a suspended ceiling.

The reception lobby with its height of 9.95 m, gives light, solemnity and artistry when entering the building. The two service elevators are located centrally, opposite the front door. They are the latest generation, without engine room, produced by OTIS, with a load capacity of 800 kg and a speed of 1.75 m / sec. Behind them is the stairwell, which also serves as an evacuation exit.

The eight above-ground floors / one of which is attic / of the building contain the following functions:

On the ground floor, in addition to the entrance lobby, there are two more shops and a small restaurant, which are accessible both through the lobby and through separate entrances from the outside.

From the second to the eighth level there are office premises, the constructive scheme of which allows for organization according to the requirements of the tenants.

The bathrooms on each floor are located on both sides of the stairwell. It is possible to expand them if necessary.

The basement is designed as a parking lot for 35. cars, with a clear height of 3.15 m. Its height allows doubling the number of parking spaces by placing parking mechanisms on two levels.


During the realization of the building the measures envisaged in the project for achieving high energy efficiency have been applied, namely:

  1. The eastern façade, which faces Cherni Vrah Blvd., is a double skin type, with a distance of at least 60 cm between the two glazings. The inner layer has double glazing and the outer layer has single glazing, triangular, with diagonal stripes. of dark blue and clear glass. The difference in the tonality of the glass creates a different temperature of the individual sections, which helps the natural ventilation between the two layers, and hence the building when opening the windows from the inner layer. This type of "double" facade also serves to reduce noise pollution from the boulevard.
  2. The glazed facades from the north, south and west are made of triple glazing in blue color, on a system for suspended facade Reynaers CW 50 redisign with interrupted thermal bridge, which reduces the heat transfer coefficient to 0.5.
  3. The roof eaves in a southern direction is from 3.50 m to 2.50 m long, which reduces the heating of the facade from the south and west.
  4. Sun protection elements on the floors from the south, protruding in front of the facade 1.50 m, are also provided in the architectural appearance.
  5. The first three floors have a ventilated facade, with thermal insulation of 15 cm mineral wool and a finishing layer - limestone slabs, further reducing the heating of the building. To achieve airtightness, the wadding on the facade is additionally plastered and covered with a membrane, and the joints around the windows are covered with waterproofing tape.
  6. The roof of the building is gradually falling in a westerly direction to reduce the adverse effects of westerly wind, rain and sun. It is covered with Ruukki sheet metal, on diagonal stripes, continuing the architectural idea ofthe building. The thermal insulation is 20 cm of mineral wool.
  7. The three-storey representative space of the entrance lobby has a big role in the energy efficiency of the building. The first three floors, containing more than half of the above-ground area ofthe building, are ventilated through it.
  8. The heating and air conditioning are solved with energy-efficient, modern VRF-systems DAIKIN independent for each floor. The floors can be separated horizontally into two independent zones with independent heating and ventilation systems.
  9. The building is equipped with an air tightness system and certified according to the standard BDS EN 13829.

Kite building is impressive and memorable with its original vision, creates a sense of modern and dynamic development of the city.

Behind the facade, it creates comfort and style for its occupants.

Aesthetic and functional solutions in the exterior and interior are enhanced by the quality materials used and the measures applied to achieve high energy efficiency of the building.

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