East Ring LP

„Ист Ринг ЛП“ ООД



“East Ring LP” OOD was incorporated for the purpose of real estate development and investment. The company specializes in the construction of logistic warehouses and industrial premises and is currently focused on the development of Logistic Park East Ring.


Situated in the territory of Elin Pelin municipality, the park is located in a traditional industrial area, 25 minutes away from the center of Sofia. Between the two entry-exit highways Hemus (A2/E79) and Trakia (A1/E80), the park covers an area of 220 00 sq.m., with the potential to be built 90 000 sq.m. of warehouse and industrial premises.


To date, the park offers two fully built and functional dry warehouses with total built-up area of 12 800 sq.m. – Buildings 1 & 2. Built according to the European standards, the buildings hold BREEM certification that guarantees quality of work and environmental sustainability. Reinforced concreate construction, photovoltaic installation, minimum clear height of 10.5m and floor load capacity of 5 tons/sq.m. are just some of the building’s features, offered to potential clients.


Furthermore, East Ring features its own certified drinking water supply network, electrical substations, optic cable, emergency back-up generator and the opportunity to connect to the gasification network. Since November 2018, free transportation service is provided from Tsarigradsko Shose Metro Station to the park and back.


The end of May marked the start of the third phase of development, which envisages the construction of buildings 5 & 6, completely identical to buildings 1 & 2, with TBA: 12 800sq.m., as well as a canteen. The new buildings are suitable for dry storage and/or light production. Storage area will be 11 650 sq.m. and 1 150 sq.m. will be dedicated for office space. Phase 3 is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.


Phase 1 – Building 1

TBA: 6 400 sq.m. – 5 825 sq.m. storage area, 575 sq.m. office space

Completed in 2014


Phase 2 – Building 2

TBA: 6 400 sq.m. – 5 825 sq.m. storage area, 575 sq.m. office space

Completed in 2016


Phase 3 – Buildings 5 & 6

TBA: 12 800 sq.m. – 11 650 storage area, 1 150 sq.m. office space

Completed by the end of 2019


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