FM Europa OOD

FM Europa OOD

The new constructed Building 1 in Trade Center Europe (TCE) will be the biggest and most distinguished building in the complex.
It will complete fully the face of TCE on the one hand and will contribute with additional offered services on the other hand.
The expected opening of the building is September 2015.

Building 1 according to the design is a mix of offices, warehouses, commercial part (shops, showrooms), a restaurant on two levels, a bank office and a sports center.

The building will be BREEAM certified according to the requirements for sustainable and green buildings of the British standard. The certification has already started by certifying the architectural design.

The commercial part of the building is consisted of small supermarket, a bank office, call point, pharmacy, etc.

The restaurant will be on two levels. Downstairs level will offer self-service food, while the upper one will be a VIP hall for managerial meetings, special celebrations, presentations, etc.

The offices will be with completed service premises, while the rest areas will be built-to-suit finished at the expense of the Landlord.

The luxurious finishing works in the offices will be done after preliminary developed design approved by the Tenant.

The possibilities here are different. We can offer an office area divided into small offices, open space type or mixed type.

The façade and windows are very highest class of SCHUCO.

The common parts in the building will be finished luxuriously as well. There will be placed a reception desk with receptionist in the foyer of the building, who is going to control the access to the offices as well as to be in assistance for the visitors.

The warehouse part of the building will be equipped with modern, wide and suitable for warehouse activities ramp. The space in front of it is provided for maneuvering of trucks.

The warehouses in Building 1 will be placed in three levels. Those which are not on the ramp level will be equipped with modern load lifts of the last generation.
In the sports center, provided to be on the second level in the low body of the building, there is going to be a multifunctional hall for different kinds of sports. The dimensions are 29 meters x 42 meters without columns, 9 meter height.

The greenery of the surrounding area will be at the highest level. There is going an artificial circle lake and a place for rest.

It is planned 100% reserve electric supply of diesel generator.

The access to the building with trucks will be most suitable through the existing checkpoints “A” and “B”, while the access for cars will be made easier with a new entrance leading directly to “Iskarsko shose” blvd.

The underground station of the Sofia tube leading to the airport will be opened in April 2015. This station is just 400 meters far from TCE and could be easily reached by foot or car through “Iskarsko shose” blvd.


Contact information:
Todor Kavrakov – Property Manager

Моb.: +359 888 440 593
Address: 7, “Iskarsko Shose” blvd., Trade Center Europe, building 6, floor 4, 1528 Sofia, Bulgaria


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