Naxia Inc.

Naxia Inc. was constituted and registered in the City Court of Sofia on 25.04.2002: The purpose was to unite the already established and developed perspective and outstanding companies with performing activity in the field of consumer goods, brand name, fast food chains, fashion and expert services and also to have the possibilities and resources for further expansion. The sole shareholder and owner in all the companies is Mr. Zaki Aref Majed. The main principle without exceptions of the investment activities of the group is to create a totally financially independent limited liability company with its own resources, management, staff and business policy, wherever each company is to deal and cover the respective field of activity.
Naxia Inc. is the major holding company of the group. It does not perform any business activities, but provides the legal, accounting, financial and PR expert advice and expertise of the group. Good corporate governance is the cornerstone for strong business performance, That is why the Naxia Group Board is committed to fostering the long-term success of the Naxia family and companies.

The main companies of the group are: Duty Free Ltd., Transimpex JSC., Samex Ltd., Intco Trade Ltd,m Intco Brands Ltd., Intco Electronics Ltd., Dast Tech Ltd., and EmSen Designes Ltd. with major representative business partners since 1991: