Urban Development Forum 2020

What are the active investment zones of Sofia? What are the areas with potential for future development? Large-scale investment projects as an engine for urban development. The answers on October 2 as part of the hybrid event Urban Development Forum

Cities are centers of human activity and interaction. They are economic and social hubs, have their specifics, identity and potential for development and serve as a catalyst for innovation. It is becoming increasingly clear that the various challenges facing cities and urban areas - economic, environmental, climatic, social and demographic - are intertwined and can only be successfully achieved through an integrated approach.

Urban Development Forum will provide a platform for city leaders, leading investors, designers, builders, experts and other participants in large-scale public and private projects that (will) shape the image of Bulgarian cities to discuss and summarize good models and practices in the development of urban areas, and the creation of a living and functional urban environment.

The agenda of the conference this year is structured on the basis of current events and processes in the sector:

Financial instruments for urban infrastructure development
Urban infrastructure and and public spaces
Development of urban territories
The active investment zones of Sofia

This year the event will be held in a hybrid format through live streaming. For more information and free registration please visit: https://2020en.udf.bg