Good practices

01. Office buildings’ classification

"Class A" stands for a rating classification of office spaces that feature (i) first-class distinctive design; (ii) attractiveness to the most creditworthy and prestigious tenants on the market; (iii) high rental levels above the average for the city; (iv) professional property management; (v) sufficient parking spaces for tenants and visitors including bike stands and electric vehicle charging stations; (vi) fairly recent construction high-quality building materials usage; (vii) distinctive design, attractive look, superior exterior finishes on the curtain wall, superior interior quality finishes; (viii) high-quality curtain wall façade system with modern window-panes, and sun-protection glass providing ample natural lighting, rational window grid allowing for flexible positioning of partition walls; (ix) a large, impressive lobby; (x) flexibility of internal design with open space offices. Layout capable to accommodate one or several tenants on the same floor. Room depth at least 18.0 m between windows on two opposite sides; (xi) floor to ceiling height not less than 2,70 m; (xii) underfloor cabling system (raised floors) for power supply and data connection and suspended ceilings; (xiv) 24-hours security and access control; (xv) sufficient number of elevators of major international brand. High-speed with waiting time max up to 30 seconds with a capacity of at least 6 people and freight elevator capable of transporting large items and stretchers; (xvi) state-of-the-art flexible HVAC system to provide heating, cooling and ventilation with enough fresh air for the occupants; (xvii) high-capacity dual power supply with automatic switch; (xviii) at least two independent high quality telecom providers in the building; (xix) Building management system; (xx) green certification as per recognized international standards.