Admittance of members

The members of the Association may be legal entities and legally responsible individuals, who meet the following criteria:

  • to be an owner of commercial building / regardless of the form of the ownership such as without being limited to: owning the property, owning shares or quotas of the company in which the property is transferred, signed and forcible agreement for financial leasing of the property, etc/ located in Republic of Bulgaria with TBA of at least 3 000 sq.m. above ground and valid use permit;
  • to be in good standing in the community.

Associated members of the Association may be Bulgarian or/and foreign legal entities, who carry activities which are not directly connected to owning commercial buildings, for instance: agency, consultancy, legal and accounting services, but these entities accept the objectives, the tasks and forms of activity of the Association.

In accordance to the statute of the Association of commercial building owners in Bulgaria all regular members shall file an application for admittance and written recommendations by at least three members of the Association.

Application for admittance