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Planex EOOD

Planex is a leading Bulgarian building investment company of over 30 years of experience and numerous implemented projects.  Our portfolio includes a diversity of sites: hotels and holiday complexes, residential buildings, shopping and office centers, shopping malls, industrial and logistic buildings, infrastructure projects. We have won the professional respect of the building branch and the investors with our own know-how, high technological and organizational levels of performance and adherence to quality standards.

Smart center is the company's own investment - modern business complex of mixed-use type, combining high class "open space" offices, attractive shopping and public service areas.

Smart center is located on the main thoroughfare in the city of Bourgas, with excellent visibility, provided public, bicycle transport and sufficient number of parking spaces. The area is filled with many shops, supermarkets and other public buildings.

Smart center offers direct and convenient access to Bоurgas airport, which is situated in just 8 km distance, city center is 4 km away and Bоurgas harbor is in 6 km distance. This makes it the closest and most comfortable office building to the airport in the city, which is an extra comfort for any business located in it.

Built-up area – 1984 m², total floorage – 14,000 m², seven overground floors and one underground level. The office spaces are situated on 7 053 sq. m. and are located from the third to the seventh floor, the last level of the complex. The premises are “open space” type, which gives an opportunity for free designing of offices from 150 to 2500m2.

The provided technologies and materials guarantee a high energy efficiency of the microclimate in the premises - a structural façade and glazings with low-emission glass packs of 24 mm, increased thermal insulation on the walls, central VRF air conditioning system, BMS system for dynamic energy cost management, fire alarm and fire suppression systems, access control, entirely LED lighting.

The building has its own power substation and emergency power supply unit, with ensured dual optical connectivity, for open space offices – access floor with flexible cabling to the workplaces.

Besides the five floors of offices, there are public areas situated on two levels including a restaurant Digi Launch with 200 seats, attractive and individually styled IQ Cafe club with 60 seats, with winter and summer garden in it, multifunctional event hall for conferences, seminars, presentations with up to 200 seats, fitness placed on 580 m2 and retail areas with  15 premises – a bank, an insurance office, a courier service and other services directly related to the specifics of the building.

The whole Smart center concept is focused on the person, the specifics of his working day, professional needs, way of thinking, desires and requirements.

That is how the concept for the Smart Center was „born“ – contemporary and modern, „smart“ building, offering good working environment and „friendly“ interior, a gathering place for software, hardware and high technologies.

Contact details:
Velina Ivanova - manager

Tel.: +359 884 307 080
Address: Bourgas, 8008, 15 Transportna blvd.

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